Le Colonial NYC (4819), New York / Tri-State Area Reservations


Enhancing the restaurant’s exquisite ambiance and feel is the exceptional menu of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Among the Appetizer and Petite Salad choices are Cha Gio, crispy spring rolls with shrimp, pork, crab, shitake mushrooms and nuoc cham dipping sauce; Chao Tom, grilled shrimp mousse wrapped on sugar cane, with angel hair noodles with lettuce wraps and peanut dipping sauce; and Goi Ca, seared rare tuna with black pepper crust, atop a mesclun salad tossed with a spicy soy dressing.

Signature entrees include Ca Chien Saigon, Vietnamese crisp-seared whole red snapper with a light, spicy and sour; Bo La Lot, grilled lemongrass filet mignon wrapped in la lot leaves served with peanuts and pineapple mesclun salad; Ca Chien Gung, pan seared salmon with ginger crust with basil, leeks and bell peppers, served with lemongrass sauce; and Bo Sate, sautéed filet mignon with sate spice, yams and long beans.

The Colonial team can provide our guests with suggestions to better understand our unique menu through their expertise on complementary dishes.

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