149 EAST 57th Street, New York, NY, 10022 T: 212-752-0808 E: info@lecolonialnyc.com

Le Colonial is making some exciting changes in honor of its 20th Anniversary, including welcoming new Executive Chef Ron Wing Wee Hsu.

To introduce Chef Hsu and celebrate 20 years in New York, Le Colonial will offer a special:

“Then and Now” menu from April 9th through May 31st.

The six-course tasting menu will be split between the classic Vietnamese dishes that made Le Colonial a success over the last 20 years (now prepared with Chef Hsu’s precision), while the “Now” dishes will demonstrate Chef Hsu’s more adventurous culinary style and will introduce an exciting new culinary direction for the restaurant.

The tasting menu is offered at $80 per person ($125 with wine pairings).